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Dental Implants: Everything You Need to Know

Fri, Dec 28th, 2018

What are dental implants? What are the advantages of dental implants?

Your natural teeth are meant to last a lifetime. However, due to a variety of reasons, that is not always the case. Tooth loss can occur as the result of an injury, severe decay, periodontal disease, poor oral hygiene routines or just as a natural consequence of aging.

The loss of natural teeth can have an incredibly negative impact on numerous aspects of a patient’s daily life and, unfortunately, can oftentimes be devastating to their self-confidence.

Thanks to the tremendous technological advances of the last 25 years, dental implants have transformed the world of modern restorative and cosmetic dentistry. Today, dental implants are more affordable, and the implant procedure itself less invasive, than ever before; as a result, implants have even emerged as an attractive alternative to traditional detachable dentures.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are permanent prosthetic teeth that are commonly utilized in cosmetic dentistry to fill the gap left by a missing or extracted tooth. Implants can be used on an individual basis, or in combination to rehabilitate an entire mouth. Although the procedure is relatively straight-forward, it does require the skills and expertise of an experienced oral surgeon.

A titanium cylinder is surgically inserted directly into the jaw bone in place of the missing root. A custom-made, artificial tooth (typically either porcelain or ceramic) is then placed on top of and securely fashioned to the titanium cylinder, giving the appearance of a natural tooth.

Top 5 Advantages of Dental Implants

Although every patient and every case is different, implant dentistry can offer a number of unique advantages over alternative restorative dental procedures. Specifically, dental implants:

1) Result in an Improved, Natural Looking Smile

Because the titanium cylinder is surgically inserted directly into the jaw, it actually fuses with the bone and creates an extremely sturdy foundation. The ceramic or porcelain crown that is placed in on top of the titanium cylinder is custom-made to perfectly fit within your smile’s natural alignment and match the appearance of any remaining teeth; in fact, the level of customization is so sophisticated that it can be almost impossible to differentiate the implants from your natural teeth!

Furthermore, because the implant is custom-designed specifically to the exacting specifications of your unique smile, the functionality and natural feel of the finished product is unrivaled in the world of restorative dentistry.

2) Offer a PERMANENT Solution to Missing Teeth

Dental implants consist of a ceramic or porcelain crown that is secured to a titanium cylinder that fuses directly to the jawbone itself; the combination of these dynamic, biofriendly materials creates an extraordinarily strong and permanent solution to missing teeth.

Although they may require a slight adjustment occasionally, their innate durability means that (with proper oral hygiene routines) your dental implants can provide you with a lifetime of beautiful smiles!

3) Require Less Maintenance and Are More Comfortable Than Dentures

When compared with traditional detachable dentures, dental implants require very, very little effort to be properly maintained. There are no specialized cleaning products or instruments required to maintain them; simply follow your regular oral hygiene routines of daily brushing and flossing.

Additionally, because they are non-detachable there is no need to remove them for cleaning or before bed, allowing you keep your teeth right where they belong…in your mouth!

4) Dental Implants Don’t Cause Speech Problems

Since they are fused directly to the jaw bone, dental implants provide the patient with a much tighter and more natural feel than any alternative restorative dental procedure ever could.

For example, because of the loose-fitting nature of detachable dentures many people struggle to clearly pronounce certain words. Alternatively, dental implants are custom-designed to be a perfect fit for your unique smile and blend-in seamlessly with your original teeth, allowing you communicate and speak just as you would with your natural teeth and preventing any differences in speech abilities.

5) Dental Implants Can Improve Both Your Oral Health AND Overall Well-Being

Chipped or cracked teeth that are never extracted can cause a number of both oral and general health issues. These damaged teeth, when allowed to remain in place, can transfer decay to other teeth and even spread disease to different parts of your mouth.

This is especially dangerous if an infection in one of the damaged teeth is never treated and spreads into your bloodstream, resulting in sepsis and, although uncommon (but certainly not unheard-of) even death! Even if you get your damaged teeth removed, leaving an empty space where the tooth was removed can cause bone loss and, potentially, the complete deterioration of certain parts of the jawbone.

If you have empty spaces as a result of missing teeth or have a chipped, cracked or severely damaged tooth, then a dental implant is your best option to minimize any potentially negative health consequences.