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How Do You Get Used to New Dentures?

Wed, Feb 2nd, 2022

How Do You Get Used to New Dentures?

You have finally been fitted with a new pair of dentures and are excited about your new smile! The new set of dentures you received can take some time to get used to.

The new feeling of the dentures in your mouth may make you feel off-balance or awkward at first, but after a few days or weeks, it should become more natural.

As with anything new, you will likely need some tips for getting used to new dentures.

Here are some tips on how to settle into your new dentures:

Denture Wear

Wear them as much as possible It is important that you wear your new dentures as much as possible during these early stages. This allows you time to become accustomed and comfortable with the new teeth in place. It also gives you a chance to clean and care for them without any difficulty.

Best Foods for New Dentures

Start off with soft foods like pudding, yogurt, cold pureed soups, mashed potatoes or mashed vegetables as most people say these are easier on gums and teeth during the adjustment period of getting used to new dentures.

The newness of the teeth might cause you to eat too quickly, thinking that you have more time before you need to swallow or chew your food well. Chewing your food thoroughly will help you digest your meal easier and more efficiently.

Do not eat anything hot with new dentures, especially hot soup. Foods that are too hot can crack or break new teeth, rendering them useless and forcing you to make another trip to the dentist for replacements. Do not forget to check new dentures regularly for signs of wear and tear.

Do Not Force New Dentures to Fit Properly

If new dentures feel like they are moving around in your mouth, do not try and force them to fit better. Let new dentures rest for a day or two while eating only soft foods. As new teeth start becoming used to their new home, they will eventually settle into place more permanently.

Using your tongue to slide new dentures back and forth is never recommended during the initial adjustment period of getting used to new dentures because it can cause gagging or choking if sudden movements happen while eating.

Caring for New Dentures

After eating, rinse dentures by running them under cool water to remove any food debris. Be sure to clean your mouth too with a soft toothbrush. remove any residual dental adhesive and gently clean the roof of your mouth, tongue and cheeks.

It is best if you do not use toothpaste when brushing new false teeth because it might stick to them in small crevices that will be difficult to remove without soaking.

Follow the directions from your dentist and denture manufacturer for cleaning and soaking your dentures.

How Long Does it Take to Adjust to New Dentures?

It can take up to 30 days to adjust to new dentures. As you start becoming more comfortable with your new teeth, try introducing new foods. They may be challenging at first. Gradually increase the number of new foods you eat each day until it feels natural. You will adjust easily and quickly to new dentures if you allow yourself time to become adjusted.

Don't rush getting used to new dentures! A little patience now will make everything easier down the line when you are completely comfortable with your new smile!

In Conclusion

Getting used to new dentures is often an adjustment that most people need time to adapt to after getting their new teeth. It usually takes some trial and error to find new ways of coping with new dentures.

It is quite common to struggle at first, but don't worry: it will get easier!

If your dentures are uncomfortable and feel like they aren't fitting properly over time, contact your dentist.

If you have been thinking about being fitted for a pair of dentures or have questions, contact Arnold Dentistry! We can help.