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Good Oral Hygiene When You Are Feeling Sick

Mon, Jan 10th, 2022

Oral Hygiene When Feeling Sick

Feeling under the weather? When you are feeling sick, you probably know to take care of your body but you should also take care of your teeth and mouth. Keeping up with your oral hygiene routine while not feeling well is very important.

Good oral hygiene when not feeling well can help you to feel better faster. When your mouth is healthy, it can help to prevent the spread of illness and disease throughout the body.

A Common Mistake People Make When Feeling Sick

One of the most common oral hygiene mistakes people make is not brushing their teeth often enough or long enough. If you are sick, this becomes even more important because now you are spreading saliva and germs throughout your mouth. That is why it is important to brush your teeth more often than normal when you are not feeling well.

When you are sick, your first inclination might be to just stay in bed all day to rest because you may feel too weak or tired to walk to the bathroom to keep up with your oral hygiene routine. If you don't want to get up, try propping yourself up with pillows and using a basin so you can reach your mouth to brush your teeth.

When brushing is painful or uncomfortable, try using a soft-bristle toothbrush instead of a medium or hard one. Make sure the bristles are soft and flexible enough not to irritate your gums. Also, use toothpaste with fluoride which can help prevent cavities as well as strengthen tooth enamel.

If you have an electric toothbrush, the added oscillations of the bristles can remove bacteria from your teeth, tongue and gums. Make sure to brush your gums as well with the electric toothbrush because that can be where most of the bacteria are.

Oral Hygiene Tips to Use When Under the Weather

Use these other tips to care for your mouth when you aren't feeling well.

  • Choose sugar-free cough drops as sugar isn't good for your teeth
  • Use a humidifier to help relieve dry nasal passages and dry mouth
  • Drink plenty of water or other clear liquids to keep yourself hydrated
  • Swish and spit after vomiting because vomiting causes stomach acid to coat your teeth and brushing too soon you will just be pushing the acid over the outer shell of your teeth

Finally, it is important to see your dentist regularly for professional cleanings and exams. This will help ensure that you maintain healthy teeth and gums all the time. Keep up with good oral hygiene habits now so that when you do feel better, you are already on your way to a healthy mouth.

Arnold Dentistry

Good dental hygiene is important all the time not just when you are sick. If you visit us at Arnold Dentistry for your regular checkups and cleanings, we can ensure that your smile stays healthy through good daily oral care. Please call us today to schedule an appointment for any of your dental needs 813-689-1529.